25 May 2010
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25 May 2010,

Your smile could be dramatically affected based on the spacing, shape, shade, and length of your teeth. Our smiles play a huge role in level of confidence and in healthy self-esteem. There are some very common problems that affect the condition of your smile, these include: gaps in your teeth, broken or cracked teeth, discoloration, worn teeth, spaces where teeth are missing, a gummy smile, and teeth that are crooked or decayed. However, you can get a beautiful smile through the wonders of modern dental technology.

Your specific problems will need an evaluation by a licensed dental professional. For cosmetic procedures such as those necessary to correct the problems listed above, there are many factors to consider such as: the way you bite, space that is available in your mouth, whether or not your gums are healthy, your own expectations, and your overall dental habits.

In most cases, there are several options for addressing your aesthetic problems that result in beautiful improvements to your smile. There are definitely many options available for whitening the teeth, including in home or at the dental office procedures If teeth are in need of repair or there is a gap that needs to be closed, this is often accomplished using veneers or crowns All of these procedures come with a variety of price tags as well as different results in how they look and how long they will last.

You can contact our office directly at 949-769-4949 or online at www.SmileAgainDentist.com to determine if you are a candidate for any of these amazing procedures that can improve a lackluster smile and make you feel great!

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