3 August 2010
3 August 2010,

Our total health is greatly influenced by the foods that we consume. And in order to eat properly for your overall health, your diet should include foods in healthy amounts from the five main food groups of: Meat [fish, poultry], Dairy [yogurt, milk], Whole grain [cereals, breads], Vegetables, and Fruits.

What steps can be taken to avoid trouble with our dental health?

  • Do not allow sugar to remain in your mouth for extended periods.
  • Soda [with the exception of diet], chewing gum [except sugarless], and hard candies should also be avoided.
  • Daily snacks should be limited. When you will be snacking, you should confine yourself to tasty foods that will not encourage tooth decay. Some to consider are, fruits, cheese, popcorn, nuts, vegetables, pretzels, and pizza.
  • Sugary foods consumed with meals will cause less harm, as your saliva production is higher during meals, which allows food particles to be washed away more easily. It is also beneficial, that many individuals brush their teeth following meals.

Therefore, if children are going to be eating sugary foods, it is best for them to do so when they can brush their teeth right away.

The health of your gums, as well as your bones, are also quite dependent on a nutritious, balanced diet. Your gums and the surrounding soft tissue, need Folic Acid, which is found in broccoli and spinach, B12, found in meat and dairy products, and vitamin C, found in leafy vegetables, citrus juices and fruits, and potatoes.

The health of your bones and teeth, rely on the calcium found in dark leafy vegetables and dairy products. Certain individuals cannot eat dairy foods due to lactose intolerance, but calcium supplements will be effective as well.

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