25 March 2014
25 March 2014,

Importance of Healthy Gums and Teeth

At Smile Again Dental in Laguna Hills, Calif., Dr. Dorina Nicula offers general and cosmetic services to patients of all ages. Choosing a dentist who offers both cosmetic and general procedures has several health benefits for patients. Cosmetic procedures are designed to improve the appearance of teeth to give you a beautiful smile. Having whiter teeth without discolorations or damage helps to increase your self-confidence while at work or school. However, before receiving cosmetic dental procedures, it is important to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy. Because Dr. Nicula also understands how to perform an examination for caries and gingivitis, you will have strong teeth and gums before undergoing a cosmetic dental process.

Teeth Cleaning Improves the Appearance of Teeth

Dr. Nicula’s practice is located near the Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo areas, making it easy for individuals to schedule an appointment for a variety of dental services. Patients first receive a thorough examination with medical imaging to determine if there are oral health problems such as gingivitis or cavities. A knowledgeable dental hygienist will perform a teeth cleaning procedure to remove sticky plaque that develops between teeth and along the gumline. This substance contains dangerous bacteria that cause bad breath and lead to tooth decay. Removing hardened tartar with specialized dental equipment improves the appearance of teeth while protecting enamel from additional damage.

Removing Stains Using the Kor Whitening System

One of the easiest cosmetic procedures to make teeth look better is a tooth whitening or bleaching process. A deep dental bleaching process removes food, beverage and medication stains to improve the oxygen absorption levels of your tooth enamel. Dr. Nicula prepares custom-made molds to wear on teeth while you sleep to use the Kor Whitening System. This cosmetic dental process lasts approximately two weeks before a final visit to her office to see the results that often make teeth 16 shades whiter. Patients love this type of whitening process because it is simple to use while providing permanent and dramatic changes. The teething whitening system used by Dr. Nicula at Smile Again Dental is the perfect way to avoid discomfort from this form of cosmetic dentistry.

Whiter Teeth with Opalescence Whitening Treatments

Instead of wasting money on store-bought whitening systems that are ineffective, visit Dr. Nicula’s dental facility to have a professional cosmetic service. Opalescence gels are available from a dentist’s office to ensure a customized tray is made to hold the whitening substances against your teeth. By having a custom-made mold, the bleaching chemicals reach all surfaces of your dental enamel to remove stains along the gumline and between teeth. A great bonus of professionally made molds is that you do not get leakage of the gel, leading to swallowing chemicals and wasting product. Opalescence gel is available in original, melon or mint flavors and five strength formulations. Several Opalescence formulas include potassium fluoride to help prevent cavities, decrease sensitivity and strengthen dental enamel while whitening your teeth in approximately one week.

Tooth Reshaping and Gum Lifts

There are additional cosmetic procedures available at Dr. Nicula’s office, including gum lifts and tooth reshaping. A gum lift improves the appearance of many patients’ smile lines by reshaping tissue or bones to make teeth more symmetrical. This procedure is often necessary to improve the aesthetics of an individual’s smile after they have had gingivitis or gum disease that has caused tissue to swell, making teeth appear smaller. Tooth reshaping is also available to make slight changes in position, shape or length of teeth by removing excess enamel layers. Many of these cosmetic procedures only require one or two office visits, making it simple to schedule an appointment and improve your smile quickly.

Durable and Natural Looking Dental Bonding

Dr. Nicula is an expert at dealing with dental emergencies such as chipped, cracked or dislocated teeth. Anyone needing emergency dental treatment should contact her office immediately to get a procedure that can protect a tooth’s health and appearance. For small chips on dental enamel, she can apply a bonding material made from composites that are brushed on teeth to cover damage. These durable bonding composites are made with color matching materials that look completely natural. After the substance dries or cures on the tooth’s surface, Dr. Nicula will carefully polish the material to create a beautiful and smooth finish. Dental bonding is also suitable for patients with multiple small chips and cracks on their teeth that have occurred over several years.

Improving a Smile with Crowns or Veneers

A tooth with extensive damage will need a specialized cosmetic procedure to improve its appearance while protecting underlying tissue. Smile Again Dental is an excellent place to visit to get veneers or crowns placed on teeth. Veneers are custom-made in dental laboratories using molds created by Dr. Nicula. These extremely thin porcelain devices are bonded with a durable resin to the surfaces of discolored, poorly spaced or damaged teeth to provide a gorgeous smile in just two office visits. Alternatively, a severely damaged tooth will require a custom-made crown to cover the underlying dentin and nerves while providing a strong biting surface that permits consuming a normal diet. Dr. Nicula prefers using porcelain or ceramic materials to repair teeth to provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wearing Wire or Plastic Braces to Improve a Smile

Patients with crooked or missing teeth have additional cosmetic dental options including braces and aligners. Dr. Nicula uses computer assisted methods to make the most appropriate orthodontic braces for her patients. An individualized orthodontic system leads to having straighter teeth faster with fewer office visits and longer lasting results. Traditional wire braces or plastic aligners are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their smile. Straightening teeth also improves your bite to reduce headaches and bruxism while allowing you to chew foods easily. Patients interested in improving their teeth with cosmetic procedures should schedule an appointment with Smile Again Dental.

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