6 June 2010
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6 June 2010,

Long ago, people thought that a toothworm was the reason why a tooth would begin hurting.¬† The worm could show up without warning or after it had bored its way into the tooth. When the tooth hurt really badly the worm was moving a lot, but when it didn’t hurt at all, the worm was asleep. Many countries across the globe that never met with other nations all believed this to be the cause of tooth pain. This toothworm myth lasted quite awhile from ancient civilizations to the start of the 1900s. Traditional Treatments

In the Middle Ages, people believed that honey, which was made by bees, could treat a painful tooth. They put the honey all over the tooth and kept the tweezers nearby to get the toothworm when it comes out.

The people of Greece used to believe that the milk produced by donkeys could be swished around in the mouth to keep the teeth healthy. Frogs were thought to be helpful for tooth pain in a couple of ways. First, the patient could spit into a frog’s mouth to get relief, or they could put the frog on the head or cheek on the same side as the painful tooth.

 Onions were also thought to ease a painful tooth by the people of the Middle Ages by placing a piece of onion on the ear that corresponded to the side where the toothache was.

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