13 February 2014
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13 February 2014,

Dental anxiety is a serious matter, as it prevents individuals from properly getting the dental treatment that they require for positive oral health. Constantly postponing dental visits can result in damaged teeth, poor gum health, and aesthetic issues. According to recent studies, more than 50% of Americans have an anxiety related to dental visits that is usually attributed to a fear of anticipated pain. Well, what if there is a way to completely prevent that troublesome feeling of anxiety during a visit to the dentist? Chances are that you and most other Americans would feel much more confident and willing to go to the dentist.

One dentist in Laguna Hills, known as Smile Again Dental, has begun to offer its patients a new and improved method for dental treatment, and it is known as “sedation dentistry.” This form of dentistry is a method to ease your anxiety through providing you with a completely safe pill, making the entire dental visit a calm and relaxing experience. Therefore, not only will you have the benefit of getting your teeth checked and taken care of, but you can also do so in a relaxed and calm manner and without fear.

About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can be done through a number of procedures. Apart from the pill option, patients can also choose to inhale laughing gas or have an IV streamline the sedative. Each option works well and helps the patient relax throughout the entire visit. Upon receiving the sedative, the patient experiences what is called a “twilight state.” This feeling does not render the patient unconscious, but rather, the patient simply feels extremely calm and able to undergo the dental procedure. During the procedure, the patient is constantly in the hands of a medical professional. This eases any unnecessary anxiety regarding the sedation experience. Once the procedure is complete, the sedation wears off quickly and the patient is able to function normally. This is enabled by the medical professional administering just enough of the sedative for the entire procedure.

Smile Again Dental, a dentist in Laguna Hills, is a firm that performs this procedure with the upmost professionalism. Smile Again Dental performs a number of dental procedures that can require sedation, such as orthodontic braces and dental implants in Laguna Hills location. Apart from the dental treatments listed, Smile Again Dental can take care of even your aesthetic dental needs, as it is an Invisalign Clear Braces Provider.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

When considering sedation dentistry, it is important to consider the many benefits that come with undergoing the simple and painless sedation procedure.

No Anxiety

As mentioned before, sedation procedures at Smile Again Dentistry allow you to visit the dentist and have the work done with no anxiety, whatsoever. No longer do you need to painfully fear the dentist and balk away from your regular dental procedures. Dental sedation is the method to ease your worries about the dental visit and any pain that you may experience, because honestly, sedation dentistry is completely pain free and utterly relaxing.

No Pain

One of the main reasons that people tend to avoid the dentist like the plague is that they have a strong fear of pain during and after the procedure. However, when you are sedated during a dental procedure, you will feel no pain. It is also a great alternative to anesthesia, as it has a higher pain threshold for the patient. Once the procedure is over, your mouth will be pain-free for a period of time, which is especially useful if you are looking to get dental implants in Laguna Hills and elsewhere. However, regardless of the procedure that you undertake, Smile Again Dental, a dentist in Laguna Hills, will do its best to make you as comfortable and at ease as possible.

Fewer Appointments

The third benefit to dental sedation is that it ultimately leads to fewer dental appointments. When you undergo a procedure under sedation, the dentist is able to work for a long period of time, as he or she will not need to stop the procedure due to worry, fear, and anxiety on behalf of the patient. Therefore, the dentist is able to work on a number of procedures that would otherwise be impossible without sedation. In addition, because more work is getting done in one appointment, there will ultimately be fewer appointments for you to attend. Not only will the entire procedure feel quick, but so will the dental treatment.

Save Money

Lastly, dental sedation saves you money. Making endless dental appointments can cut into one’s work schedule, causing missed work hours, fewer vacation days, and even lower pay. With dental sedation, you can prevent these issues from occurring because the procedures are longer and more concentrated on completing the necessary tasks. Therefore, when you undergo dental sedation, you are essentially saving yourself money and enabling yourself to continue your profession and personal life without the disturbance of dental appointments in the way.

In sum, the benefits of dental sedation cannot be overemphasized. They provide you with tremendous advantages not only for your personal ease but also for your work and social life. Sedation dentistry is the best and most effective way to go when you need to visit the dentist, as not only do you feel better and more comfortable with undergoing the procedure, but you also can be carefree. Those that live in the Laguna Hills area and are considering sedation dentistry, will find that Smile Again Dental will work with you to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible during dental procedures. This dentist in Laguna Hills is highly experienced at providing patients with professional dental treatment such as orthodontic braces, dental implants, and more. Now that you know how safe and simple the procedure is, don’t hesitate and contact your dentist today.

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