20 March 2014
Category: Orthodontics
20 March 2014,

Image is a big deal for teens as they’re growing up, and nowhere is this highlighted more than their sensitivity about their teeth. Whether knocked around by sports, grown strangely by genetics, or even pushed out of place by the child’s tongue, fingers or pacifiers, crooked teeth are a major hindrance to a teen’s self-image, and the traditional metal braces aren’t helping very much.

Fortunately, a better solution exists: the Invisalign® System, which Smile Again Dental is proud to provide as a proven alternative to the traditional braces system. Here’s how it works.

The best way to adjust the positioning of teeth is by providing steady pressure over a period of time. If things move too quickly, the roots of the teeth could be damaged… And if things go too slowly, then it will take longer (and cost more) than it really needs to. Invisalign avoids both of these problems.

Using a computer-generated model that calculates the best way to move the teeth, Invisalign gradually pushes different teeth at different times in order to usher them into the right position as quickly and as safely as possible. The best part is that the “invisible braces” are almost impossible for anyone else to see – so say goodbye to all of those self-image problems!

Meanwhile, teenagers can continue to enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about breaking their braces – no child wants to go to a party and be forced to leave the best food alone or give up a favored food for as long as a few years. This is another matter that tends to make children self-conscious, and one of the goals of the Invisalign system is to avert that as much as possible.

Visits to the office are quick and easy, too – each set of the invisible braces are custom-made for the patient and delivered to the office. Continuing through the program is as easy as putting in the next set of braces and continuing to enjoy results with your smile that you can truly see.

While it’s impossible to calculate the length of time that treatment will take before a patient’s mouth has been examined and a computer model is created, the average treatment will only take about twelve months – and only the most extreme cases will go past two years. Even at its longest, Invisalign is able to correct teeth more quickly than standard orthodontic work, which usually takes three or more years to finish.

Don’t sacrifice a beautiful smile when a better option is available. Call Smile Again Dental today and ask about an appointment to get more information on the system and determine whether or not this program is right for your family.


Smile Again Dental – Invisalign Clear Braces Provider is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign and certified dental institute, dedicated to fast, affordable, and high-quality orthodontic work that helps children and adults obtain the smile they’ve always dreamed of. To learn more about Smile Again Dental, the Invisalign system, or to set up an appointment, visit the official website at /. Various financing options are available to help families pay for their dental work at an affordable rate.

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