27 August 2010
27 August 2010,

It is very difficult for patients to observe everything inside their own mouths. The front teeth obstruct the view of the back of the mouth and the sides of the mouth where little light can penetrate. The tongue, as well as the cheeks, make seeing those darker areas quite challenging. But, thanks to an invention called an intraoral camera, patients are now able to see all of the areas within their mouth.

The hygienist or dentist, simply places a tiny sterilized probe-shaped camera inside your mouth, and moves it in such a way, to make all areas visible, while the patient is reclined and relaxed. The small wand, wrapped in a disposable plastic cover to prevent contamination, records video of the inside of the mouth, and then a cable transfers the data to a computing unit.

These full-color pictures are then enlarged on the computing unit, which then transmits the images to a TV screen. The images broadcast will show a crystal clear picture of everything that is going on inside your mouth, for you and your dentist or hygienist to see. This cutting-edge technology makes defective fillings, bleeding gums, worn-out fillings, plaque, decay, oral lesions, and other, difficult to detect dental problems highly visible, and you needn’t experience any pain or radiation exposure to undergo this procedure.

The images captured on these videos, have made the intraoral camera an invaluable diagnostic tool, as areas that are showing signs of future trouble will be clearly visible. You and Dr Nicula DDS will also be able to make an accurate assessment of how well you are doing with your dental hygiene procedures at home. Through the images, your dentist can analyze where you may not be brushing properly, and can give you appropriate advice on how to make corrections, and then check back in the future to see if you have solved the problem. Video can be frozen and saved, so that you can document treatment, or your insurance company can have a photo to confirm dental work performed, or Dr Nicula may want to get a closer look at a specific area inside the mouth. At Smile Again Dental (www.SmileAgainDentist.com) our objective is to utilize the most recent technologies, so that we stay abreast of the latest techniques, and are able to offer our patients dental care that is of the highest possible caliber.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 949-768-4949 or online at www.SmileAgainDentist.com to set up an appointment with Dr Nicula.

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