2 June 2010
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2 June 2010,

If you had cavities as a child, chances are good that your dentist filled with with a mercury/amalgam alloy as such was the material used for fillings for over a hundred years. Silver fillings, called amalgam restorations, isn’t really silver but rather a combination of silver, copper, tin and zinc. Depending on how old your filling is, it might even contain a high percentage of mercury. Amalgam became the popular and accepted treatment for dental cavities by virtue of its durability and low cost and this combination of metals is still the most widely utilized material for dental fillings today. The mercury content of the material, and its potential dangers in the body, has been hotly debated by the dental community for over 150 years. More recently, the question has received a lot more attention.

Mercury has long been known by both physicians and dentists as a highly poisonous substance. Even a minute amount of mercury in the body is capable of damaging cells. Many health experts maintain that mercury used in this manner is not dangerous, an increasing number of physicians and dentists are of the opinion that there are indeed, lasting and negative health consequences that occur from the use of dental amalgam fillings. The list of negative effects includes such things as renal disease and failure, progressive nerve damage, compromised immune disorders and the reduction of overall health.

Even low levels of mercury can cause symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, headaches, depression, moodiness and a host of other, problematic and dangerous conditions. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology was formed in 1984 to further examine the status of amalgam restorations and their safe use in the body. The US Public Health Service asserts that health issues are not linked to the use of amalgam by the dental industry even though an increasingly vocal minority of health professionals believe that it does pose a risk to patients.

Of course, we place the highest priority on your safety. Smile Again dental office ( www.SmileAgainDentist.com ) will use only ceramic, porcelain or composite restorations that are less dangerous but also more environmentally friendly, stronger, and more attractive when repairing or replacing your existing fittings that have degraded over time, fractured or decayed.

We know the importance of minimizing our patients’ exposure to harmful or questionable compounds and materials and take great care to limit your contact with mercury vapor as old amalgam fillings are removed. We even remove 99.5% of the total mercury from the wastewater created by the dental office to protect our neighborhoods, communities and environment. We safely recycle the material and replace them with mercury free dental material. Call us at 949-768-4949 to schedule your appointment and evaluate your dental health!

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