19 July 2010
19 July 2010,

At Smile AgainDental Office (www.SmileAgainDentist.com) we receive calls from patients who have broken a tooth every day and most of the time the treatment will involve removing the remainder of the broken tooth and installing a crown or other permanent dental hardware to provide a stable biting service or keep what is left of the tooth intact.

Occasionally, the dentist is unable to save the tooth and it must be removed altogether. What are some factors that can cause a tooth to break?

Most dental fractures are caused by one of the several potential factors. The most prevalent factor is the presence of Silver amalgam fillings which continue to expand with age, putting pressure on surrounding tooth enamel and causing the formation of minute cracks. If a person with this kind of damage bites the wrong way on a piece of food or other matter the tooth can crack. This kind of damage usually means that the tooth has been fractured along several planes which makes removal of the enamel necessary.

Sometimes a dental bridge or implant is installed by the dentist. More often another kind of damage occurs. A tooth can fracture along a fault line where there is a weakness inherent in the tooth. In this situation, if the rest of the tooth is free of decay, the tooth can often be saved with a crown.

The act of clenching or grinding the teeth, referred to as “Bruxism”, is another common factor in tooth damage. Those with bruxism often have fractures in teeth regardless of the presence of fillings and are the most numerous of patients seen for broken teeth. It is important to treat a broken tooth as soon as possible before further damage sets in.

If you have a questionable tooth, do not hesitate to contact us at 949-768-4949 or online at www.SmileAgainDentist.com to set up an appointment with Dr Nicula who can check the area and save the tooth if possible. Do not wait until you are already in pain!

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